Our fleet currently consists of more than 400 tractor units, including refrigerated trailers and tarpaulin. Thanks to our numerous and diversified fleet of vehicles, we can carry out almost any type of transport and meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. All our vehicles comply with EURO5 and EURO6 emission standards, and are supplied by proven and recognised brands such as Mercedes, Scania, DAF and MAN.

The vehicles are exchanged for new ones after a maximum of 3 years of use. During the warranty period, the fleet is covered by the manufacturer’s service contract, but the efficiency of the fleet is also maintained by our internal service, which conducts regular maintenance and repair of the vehicles. In this way we guarantee the reliability of our fleet under all conditions.

The control of the transport process is supported by a GPS system and a telematics system installed in each vehicle. Communication between the driver and the control centre is via mobile phone and TMS Interlan Speed. Thanks to the latest systems, it is possible to monitor the position of the car, driver’s activity and transport status at any time. The system also enables you to send your transport documentation right away after the unloading is completed.

We constantly control the quality of equipment which guarantees the proper protection of the transported goods.

Semi-trailers of the refrigerated type

SCHMITZ Cargobul
-aggregates Thermoking SLX 300 aggregates
-temperature recorders with the possibility of the temperature print at the place of delivery
-ATP/FRC certificate

Semi-trailer of the tarpaulin-type -curtain

-Loading from side, back, top
-Internal height 2,7m
-MULTI LOCK system


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We focus on development. The basis for the success of our company are qualified employees ready to improve their competences and take on new professional challenges. We recruit both TSL industry experts: managers, forwarders, traders and dispatchers and drivers, as well as candidates for office positions related to settlements and documentation management.